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Few things give life a richer taste and meaning than connecting with another being (human or animal). When one falls in love, everything is wonderful. That energy, emotion and spirit that flows through all involved is magical!

Dr. Rod Block understands this phenomena well; being gifted with the ability of sensory touch, he learned early on he could touch a person and feel their pain, stress or joy. It helped him to connect and often empathize and soothe those he loved. This is what led Dr. Block to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care, being a holistic medical modality that is more right-brained than left-brained, is about the ability to feel the flow of energy and find where the obstacles are that hamper it. This ability has helped him grow a wonderful practice that has helped many and now is extended to those who need pain relief, but cannot ask for it – animals.

The Making off an Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Block attended an animal chiropractic seminar over 20 years ago. When he touched a horse, it responded in a marvelous way! He leaned into him, relaxed and welcomed the connection Dr. Block provided. The experience was overwhelming and illuminating, and would change his life. He would open Southern California Equine Chiropractic and become healer to the voiceless.

Today, Dr. Block treats performing animals, animal actors for Hollywood, works with zoos and any animal needing his care. Working along with veterinarian, Dr. Rhianon Fenton, and animal communicator and author of Secrets of an Animal Whisperer Teri Stuben, he provides loving care that:

  • Often lowers cost of veterinary care
  • Prevents chronic health problems
  • Improves performing animal’s abilities by correcting gait and other issues
  • improves animal behavior by relieving pain and stress
  • Among many other benefits from chiropractic care

Benefits of Loving Holistic Care

Many believe when an animal misbehaves, it’s a behavioral problem. Often it is merely the result of being in pain and the frustration of getting no relief. However, when relief is given, it’s like having a totally different animal – they become more loving, docile and controllable.

Like Chiropractic for Elephants

Many people do not know about animal chiropractic, often inflicting great pain on their animals by either neglecting their need, or having expensive invasive surgery that was not needed had they sought the help of an animal chiropractor. So he wrote the book Like Chiropractic for Elephants to educate people on the benefits and the symptoms to look for. Moreover, how animal chiropractic can avoid these issues with preventive care.

Working with Autistic Children

Due to Dr. Block’s many years of working with animals, understanding how they communicate and the many benefits a relationship with one offers, Dr. Block has a program that brings animals and autistic children together. The benefits to the children are amazing and along with his wife and life partner, Fay, who is a retired speech and language therapist, he is helping to provide a better quality of life to these precious children and animals alike.

Dr. Block is a father of two: his son David who’s 44 and daughter Naomi who’s 34. He is also a grandfather of two girls: Ali who’s 21 and Jami who’s 4. He resides with Fay in Southern California where he practices animal chiropractic.

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