Animals are a gift that provide so many blessings and benefits! So understanding how to care and communicate with them is essential. However, there are so many facets to that one broad general statement, that no one workshop or seminar would suffice.

Dr. Block provides workshops and seminars to help broaden awareness about caring for and communicating with animals, to make life richer and more joyful for both you and your animal. Moreover, animals offer a healing effect on those with debilitating ailments, so Dr. Block offers seminars for autistic children and horses as well.

Currently, the seminars offered by Dr. Block include:

Autistic Children and Horses

Autistic children are always in a state of being as well. Since their autism limits certain functions, it heightens others. When an animal and an autistic child are united, the result is nothing short of inspiring and magical! A bond takes place, an acceptance beyond what we enjoy with animals is created.

Learn how this spiritual communication not only enhances the child’s and animal’s life, but yours as well, as you get a deeper understanding as to why these amazing creatures were created in the first place.

Chiropractic Care and How to Understand It

There are many misconceptions about chiropractic care that has led many to avoid a modality that provides so many benefits, non-invasive healing and higher quality of life. When the myth is removed from the science and reality, the truth is very profound and life changing.

Learn where chiropractic care came from, how it works, why it’s beneficial and how it revitalizes life.

Understanding the Application to Animals

With the exception of the monkey and kangaroo, which can walk on two legs, most animals walk on four. It’s almost like having two sets of hips! With so much in motion, there is plenty that can go wrong and cause pain.

Understanding the application to animals will open your eyes not only to the holistic approach of caring for your animal, but how it can affect his or her behavior when everything is as it should be with their body.

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